History Of Dependability Our History & Purpose

What Does APA Means

APA Insurance is the first local Lao insurance company which offers both life and general insurance. APA Insurance is part of Phongsavanh Group of companies. Phongsavanh Bank will be a major distributor of APA Insurance's products, APA Insurance started selling competitive products from the 26 April 2017.

  • Education Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Motocycle Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • House Insurance
  • Loan Protection Insurance
  • Construction & Engineering Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Accident Insurance

Products To Meet You

APA Insurance is a comprehensive insurance company providing both life and general insurance services. Our objective is protect you, your loved ones and your assets. We will support and stand by you through all of your life stages with our strong financial foundation and decades of experience in Lao P.D.R.

APA Corporate Responsibility

Our claims service will be efficient providing support to enable customers to cope with stressful situations that might happen in life.

We Have Values What We Believe

We Have Vision

To provide better protection for those in integrity in Laos PDR.

We Give the Values

Our aim is to provide security and support when it is most needed.

We Have Mission

To deliver the highest standard of service in insurance in lao PDR, Promoting accountability and strong governance-protecting all stakeholders in our journey to become a leader beyond our border.

We are A Brand

Phongsavanh bank branches where our insurance experts will explain our products and services to you.

Contract Signing Ceremony between APA Insurance and Hannover Re SE, Malaysia Branch



   APA Insurance has signed a partnership agreement with an international reinsurance operator, Hannover Re SE, Malaysia Branch, at Donchan Palace hotel, Vientiane, on August 30, 2017. The agreement was signed by APA CEO, Mr Gerry Callaghan, and Mr Ravinder Singh, General Manager Life & Health, South & South East Asia, Hannover Re SE Malaysia Branch. Attending the ceremony were Honorary President of the Phongsavanh Group (PSVG) and Committee Member of National Development Front, Prof. Dr Od Phongsavanh, the Major Shareholder of APA, Mr Phaiboun Phongsavanh, and related governmenet sectors and companies.


Gerry Callaghan, CEO, APA Insurance

   Gerry Callaghan said, This partnership with A+ rated Hannover Re, one of the world’s largest reinsurance companies, ensures the development and success of insurance industry in Laos.

   APA is a newly formed insurance company using modern technology, strong relationships throughout the group network, simple plain common sense to reach out and help the Lao people, and strong partnerships to deliver international standards and practices to Laos.


Mr Ravinder Singh, General Manager Life & Health, South & South East Asia, Hannover Re SE Malaysia Branch

   Ravinder Singh stated, This collaboration would bring the best in Laos, ASEAN and internationally to help the Lao people. Hannover Re is currently supporting life insurance companies in nine countries in ASEAN and today we complete our commitment and support here in Laos. Our journey is to make it better for consumers. With our knowledge and experience supporting the ASEAN countries for almost 50 years, we are in the best shape to help APA and Laos.


Hannover Re is a leading reinsurer in the world, with gross premium of 16.5 billion Euro. Its strategy is to identify the right partners to build long term and sustainable business relationships. This partnership is to ensure that quality insurance is not only for those with high or middle income, but it is also affordable to lower-income classes. To this end, our target is to provide accessible and affordable insurance with instant protection for everyone.